Nintendo’s low-cost 2DS takes on kid-friendly gaming tablets

Don’t warm easily to Nintendo hardware, but it looks quite sexy.


Those weird and wacky folks at Nintendo sure know how to turn out a console. With little warning, the Japanese gaming company released a video of a new handheld gaming device that marks the company’s third model in two years: the Nintendo 2DS.

A wedge-shaped console that looks as if the current 3DS and the old-school Gameboy had a dual-screened baby, the Nintendo 2DS is able to play all current 3DS games and original DS titles, as well as access classic games from the Nintendo eShop via Wi-Fi. But the biggest difference, as its name suggests, is its distinct lack of 3D.

But it’s a small price to pay for a big price drop. The 2DS will only set you back $130 — much cheaper than the $170 DS and the $199 3DS. Check out the debut video below:

While it’s a departure from Nintendo’s passion for the clamshell design…

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